Athene Group Training

Get boost from group power

Try to find the hidden treasure before others. Form a team and cooperate with your team mates. Get energy from the group!

work out like never before

  • Get motivation for your work out from group training and raise your shape with your groups support.

  • You will have more ardor to stick in your exercise routine and achieve your goals.

  • Working with others isn't just fun, it also gives you chance for social interaction

  • Group training will naturally challenge yourself to work out harder and gives you inspiration when you don't have it.
  • Benefits you will achieve

    achieve your goals with your family and friends

    athene group training under a lens

    Athene Exergaming revolutionizes group training. Not only numerous spinning bikes, but also exercise bikes, treadmills and other exercise devices can be linked in the same virtual environment – each user sees his/her own scenery, the big screen shows the overall picture from bird view. But be aware, this can be really addictive!

    there's no limitation

    we are here to help you