Athene Gyms

New era of cardio training

Athene Gyms transforms cardio training. Bike, run, row – explore the virtual worlds with friends or by yourself. Choose between different game modes. Get challenged by others or challenge yourself with the avatar of your previous exercises. Can training really be this easy and fun?

Challenge yourself in a whole new way

  • Participate competitions, challenge your friends or exercise with them in the same virtual world.

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  • You can choose between different game modes, levels and environments - at the present time we have 126 different exercises.

  • Safe and fast facial recognition frees you from complicated key cards or passwords.

  • Your performances are saved into a cloud and you can rank yourself to the local and worldwide top lists. With all the statistics you can easily check and compare your results to your friends or your own previous results.

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    for your training

    Cardio training will not be boring anymore. Ever.

    feels like you would be there

    Choose the paradise island, Asian village or Scandinavian forest. You can't exercise without Athene anymore.

    aerobic workout
    is finally fun

    we are here to help you