Athene Rehab

boosting your way back on track

Do motivating exercises that feel meaningful for your recovery. Get motivated from beautiful scenes and visual feedback. Let rehab exercises be fun!

get stronger, be unstoppable

  • Keeps your patient going longer and makes the rehabilitation feel less frustrating.

  • Your patients confidence increase along the rehab and gives feel of being strong and unstoppable.

  • Exercises can be done as calmly as feels good and the intensity can be increased when it's needed.

  • Gives inspiration and boost to your patient's recovery from beautiful landscapes and motivational exercises. Goals are reached before even noticing it.
  • Benefits you will achieve

    feel the results

    With Athene Exergaming in your device, your patient will have more will and desire for their rehabilitation. Depending the injury and rehabilitation plan you have power to choose calmly or heavier exercises and increase the intensity when it's necessary. You can also follow how the progress of rehab is growing. With Athene your patient's way back on track is intriguing and cheerful.

    athene rehab under a lens

    dream it and achieve it

    we are here to help you